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Research and development of high-temperature superconductive magnets, hypermagnets, lossless energy transfer systems for spectroscopy, spectrometry, energetics (lossless energetics), hi-tech systems of future energetics and power supply. Research and development of embedded spectroscopy and embedded spectrometry devices and systems incl. NMR spectrometers and mass spectrometers (MS). Research and development of the modular kit for

automated organic synthesis


computerized organic synthesis

and biotechnological

processes automatization

. Development of the validation

modular kit


GMP/cGMP productions and manufacturings

. An automatization and computerization of organic syntheses and organic synthetic technologies is one of the most sophisticated possible technological improvements in organic synthesis. Through automatized and computerized stations or modular kit's layouts there is possible to succeed better reproducibility, paralelism, optimization results and organic synthetic technologic process repeating. Therefore it is an excellent way not only for a reserch but also for preproduction stage or for full technological production stage, namely in GMP or cGMP processes.

Automatized organic synthesis


peptide synthesis


solid phase synthesis

or in general technological processes is solving of human's factor in organic synthesis.
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