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Therapharm (est. Jan 2009) is a technological company that specializes in the production and R&D of receptor agonists, receptor modulators, receptor blocking compounds and also receptor regulating and stimulating species for

targeted pharmaceuticals

, especially for the

cancer stem cells therapy

and the therapy with

stem cells

. For the purpose of a stable quality achievement, a rapid transferring of the development to the production praxis, the Therapharm is focused also in continuous automatization and computerization of whole production process. New concept of the modular kit for automated and computerized organic synthesis focused on a production of the modular kit for GMP/cGMP productions and manufacturings is therefore built-up and developed.

The Therapharm disposes well equipped industrial area (1080 m2 of laboratory and clean room places) for R&D as well as for the production and also disposes by an adequate analytic and spectroscopic background (in-house HPLC-MS-TOF, NMR).

From 2010 the Therapharm is the official partner of Azacycles company in its Receptor Shield Technology. From 2011 year is the Therapharm member of Nanobot Special Interest Group (Nanobot SIG) and Nanobot Research Group (NRG). From both these memberships Therapharm expects empowerment of its position on the market by the year 2015.

Therapharm, a.s. is Joint-stock company type corporation. The Company is registerred under ID 28519116 and Registry Sign B 15013 in City Court of Law in Prague. EU VAT Nr. is CZ28519116.