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Research and development



) is the crucial part of the Therapharm's activities. The Therapharm spend on the reinvestment through R&D about 55 % of annual proceeds and by the year 2015 is expected increasing of the level up to 75 %. Therapharm Company is well managed for

receptor agonists

R&D and completely goes from own intellectual property and knowledge.

In its R&D the Therapharm is exclusively focused on the application fields with extraordinary insistencies. Such fields are therapies of the carcinomas with especially high lethality such as pancreatic adenocarcinoma, general metastasis with high or extra-high tumorigenicity or in vivo tissue neoplastic engineering with stem cells. The Therapharm’s R&D is based on the idea of targeted drugs so that key feature of the R&D outcomes is always as much as possible specific actioning on the place of diseased tissue and no cytotoxic effects of the outcomes anywhere in the pathway to diseased tissue or after its actioning (when metabolized).

The typical Therapharm’s R&D outcomes is a peptide agonist of surface epitopes (receptors) of classes CD25, CD34, CD44 and CD133, as well as TGFBIIR or WNTR. The developed agonists have same or much better affinity to receptor than comparable monoclonal antibodies, are about 10 – 500 times cheaper, are smaller (it is important when used in conjugation process because variable stoichiometry is well available), are very well modifiable anytime (because divergent method of solid phase synthesis is mainly used) and have adequate half-life in organism so markedly lower immunity reactions are always observed. From these reasons the Therapharm’s R&D outcomes are better alternatives if targeting on those epitopes in the human organism is expected.

At present irreversible blocking peptides for TGFBIIR and WNTR are developed for Azacycles’ Receptor Shield Technology. From cooperation in Nanobot SIG and NRG Therapharm Company expects availability of conjugation processes so that R&D and products portfolio should be enlarged.