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The subject of current production, research and development (R&D) is the development of components for a building of the

targeted drugs

and targeted therapeutic agents focused on the treatment of various forms of carcinomas (cancer therapy) in state of their genesis (

cancer stem cells

or primary cancer cells), also

cancer stem cells'

subpopulation with ability to migrate (metastazis or

metastatic cancer stem cells

) and highly controlled

stem cell therapy

(tissue engineering as neoplastics). Our components for a building of the targeted therapeutic agents are mainly based on peptides (usually from 25 to 35 AAs) and by third parties there is possible to use these components as targeting supramolecules or biological addresses for seeking of the targeted tissue in human organism. Such a futuristic exemplar therapeutic agent is based on a hydrophilic carrier of the type of a spherical nanocapsule. Its filling with a biologically active substance, especially a substance of a hydrophilic nature (peptide), happens by means of diffusion through a circular opening in the nanocapsule wall. In the therapeutic agent the nanocapsule may be filled with Therapharm's peptide receptor modulators and, depending on whether the modulation is positive (proliferators, growth factors, receptor stimulators) the result is a therapeutic agent for highly controlled treatment with stem cells, or negative (receptor blockers), in which case the result is a therapeutic agent for treatment of various forms of cancer. Nanocapsules can carry a variety of externalities, generally called receptor-active sites, which find their target in the organism themselves, or, eventually, nanocapsules are placed directly into the stem cell niche.
Basic principles of the pathogen-trap technology has been presented at The Nanobot SIG Forum. Next strategy for R&D projects has been shown and an involvement of wide number of bio/pharma 3rd parties is expected.
CZ Pat. Appl. (PV)2013-400, CZ Pat. Appl. (PV)2013-401
As the former member the Therapharm enters into the Nanobot Special Interest Group (Nanobot SIG).

Nanobot SIG

Presented new concept of the modular kit for automated and computerized organic synthesis focused on a production of the modular kit for GMP/cGMP productions and manufacturings.
The Therapharm is former member of Nanobot Research Group.
Signed long-time contract with Azacycles company relating to its patented Receptor Shield technology. In 2012 - 2019 the Therapharm will be exclusive supplier of peptides of the CSC1000 line and 2nd and 3rd generation of CSC's lines. In 4Q 2011 the collaborative project will be prepared by both participants and Therapharma's business partners will be co-opted.
Hentetracopeptide CSC1085 with the modified terminal KRI sequence and the reactive primary amino-group of lysine is commercially available under trade mark "CSC1085-LR8".
TGFBIIR modulating peptides of the PLF line with high binding affinity are commercially available.